The Journey Begins

Join us on our retirement adventure of fixing a foreclosure in a rural town and taming the raw land in Julian, CA.

What a wild journey this has been. We are fortunate retirees, decidedly middle class (no Kardasians) who sold our suburban home to move to a rural community of 160 (counting us) to a house that was in foreclosure with few custom features and many missing parts.

We chose not to follow the usual path of retirement. We chose a house that needs work–lots and lots of work–and a land that is raw. We guess that we have 10 years to “tame the land” and finish the house, so this is a blog about our great adventure.


Author: Theresa Harrison

After teaching high school biology for 38 years, (15 at Salinas High School, the alma mater of John Steinbeck), my husband and I on a crazy whim sold our home of 26 years, and moved to San Diego. Many people retire and move away, often to a smaller home with less mowing, less housework, less everything. What we did was embark on a project that may take 5-10 years and energy, lots and lots. So, this is our great retirement adventure, our move to a foreclosure with breathtaking views with raw land, endless work to do.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. What a beautiful story, and I’m so glad to have visited this diamond in the rough.
    All the best Harrisons! Checking back in 5 & 10 years..Linda


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